Fes, Morocco

Fez Medina from Dar Balmira’s Roof Deck

Introduction for Fez Medina from Dar Balmira’s Roof Deck

The Dar Balmira Gallery is located in the Gzira district of Andalous, on the eastern side of Oued (River) Fez. Because of where it is situated, the gallery has a good panoramic view of both Andalous and the western side of the Medina where the Kairouan Mosque, the University, and most of the famous sites of the Medina are located.

In addition, the roof deck offers the viewer an excellent view of the North Borj (Fort), the Merenid Tombs, and Mount Zalagh. The sky is always enormous in its 180 degree magnificence: one often sees both sun and moon at the same time. In the early morning and late afternoon, one gets to see another special phenomena of the Medina: large populations of egrets, falcons, and swallows flying in formations above you, each with their own elevations and patterns; a smaller numbers of storks (seasonal migrations) and crows complete the show.

With our two aviaries and large collection of plants, we see birds, bees, and butterflies in the area visit, looking for various food sources. It is one of the few truly green spaces within this grand Medina’s walls.


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