Fes, Morocco

About Dar Balmira Photography Gallery

A display of over 300 photographs on Moroccan subjects, including a gallery dedicated to historic early photos of Fes Medina.

Dar Balmira – Maison du Faucon – Casa del Halcón – Casa del Falco – Falcon House

Located near Rcif in the heart of Fes Medina, Dar Balmira offers visitors a chance to see a traditional Moroccan house with many examples of fine craftsmanship. These include exceptionally beautiful carved and painted cedar ceilings, zellige (mosaic) floors and walls, carved plaster work, and a marble fountain.

Photography Galleries

Historic Photos of Fes Medina

See a glimpse of the Medina as it was in the early 1900s. Professionally restored photogravures offer a window into the Medina prior to the arrival of motorized vehicles, TV aerials, Satellite dishes, and the industrial pollution of the Fes River.

Photographs by Jearld Frederick Moldenhauer

Dar Balmira’s Director has traveled extensively around Morocco’s countryside and cities. The focus of his work includes places rarely visited by tourists and travelers. Examples of his Moroccan work are included in the gallery presentations on this website.

The Roof Deck

With a panoramic view of the Medina and Mount Zalagh, special features of the roof deck include a garden collection of some 200 plants and an aviary with 6 different parrot species. The roof is a highlight of Dar Balmira, as in many ways it is a world unto itself.

Guided tours of Dar Balmira are led by either Mr. Moldenhauer or his assistant.

Below is a selection of images from Dar Balmira’s interior:



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