Fes, Morocco

Views of Fes Medina

Introduction for Views of Fes Medina

There are so many fascinating views of the Medina possible from thousands of vantage points both on roof decks inside the Medina, as well as from Mt. Zalagh and the surrounding countryside. Over the course of both a single day and the changing seasons, the Medina reveals its moods and ancient splendor. Few, if any, places of human habitation offer anything close to the mystery of this densely populated, organically conceived walled city tucked away on the two slopes created by the erosive power of the relatively small River Fes. Geologically the plain of Saiss still displays ancient remnants of volcanic activity, mainly the three hot springs (Ain Allah, Moulay Yacoub, and Sidi Harazem), all located within a 20 km radius of Fes.

Fortunately, and with few exceptions, the integrity of the Medina without roadways has survived. The main road leading in follows the course of the River Fes (mostly now underground) from the Jdid Gate to Rcif. This translates into either animal transport or human operated handcarts being the only way to bring anything into or out of the Medina. Before the days of television the view over the rooftops must have had a special beauty now somewhat lost and obscured by countless thousands of TV aerials (most no longer in use), replaced by the even more obtrusive satellite dishes. To Photoshop them out would be a Herculean task! Photographically all one can do is frame your pictures so they are not crowding out the foreground.


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