Fes, Morocco

Landscapes of the Region Tadla-Azilal

Introduction to the Gallery: Landscapes of the Region Tadla-Azilal

This gallery includes landscape photos taken on a motor scooter trip starting at Beni Mellal. After visiting Ain Asserdoun, the vital spring just outside the city on the first hills that become Mt. Tassemit (2247 meters) I decided to take the high road that climbs Tassemit and passes over its summit on the east side of the mountain. The roads descends to meet up at Ouaouizarht with the road from Oulad M’Barek which continues around the west side of Barrage Bin El Ouidane.  The road continues over the mountains until it reaches the town of Azilal which is about 38 km.from Cascade Ouzoud. The road from Ouzoud back to the plain of Beni Mellal takes you over high mountainous terrain before finally descending to N8, the main north south road from Marrakesh to Fez. Several kilometers of this road were being worked on.  With rain this stretch turns into a mudslide.  With no rain it turns into a cloud of dust.  I was fortunate in driving my little 50cc Peugeot on this road when it was neither mud or dust.  By looking at maps of this or any other region you have no real idea what you’re in for.  Always challenging but also always stunningly beautiful.

Pictures and comments about Ouzoud can be found in the Gallery: Waterfalls and Rainbows.


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