Fes, Morocco

Fez Medina in Perspective

Introduction for the Gallery: Fez Medina in Perspective

This is a gallery of photos taken of the Medina from the surrounding countryside. It is a geological fact that the ancient habitat was founded on the sides of a rather small river, which over the millenia has eroded the land, creating the two opposing hillsides through which the river still flows. Because there are no tall modern buildings to give it even the slightest skyline, the only way to view it is from above. (These photos were taken from the surrounding countryside in all directions: from Mt. Zalagh in the northeast, from the high hills directly to the east, from the first slopes of the Middle Atlas to the south, and from Mt. Zerhoune far to the west near Meknes.)

The Medina retains a special and unique beauty with most of its walls still standing, nestled as it is among the rolling hills of the Saiss Plain, with the steep slopes and rocky crown of Mount Zalagh almost flush with the Medina’s northern border.


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