Fes, Morocco

Insects: Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths)

Introduction to the Gallery: Insects: Order Lepidoptera (Butterflies & Moths)

As a boy of 12 I was fascinated by every type of insect, especially butterflies. I collected them and raised many species from either eggs or caterpillars through to their metamorphosis into butterflies and moths. Unfortunately I ended up killing them and mounting them in a display case.

The camera has allowed me to reconnect with this passion and capture their beauty in a natural setting. Many species somehow find their way to our roof deck and the local tiger swallowtails actually breed on the deck since we happen to cultivate a favorite food plant. As for the taxonomy of these and other insects on my websites I admit that it’s not my best skill however with my manuals and the internet I have attempted to put a name to many of them.

As with all my nature photos if someone out there sees my pictures and can either correct or add scientific information it is certainly welcome!


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