Fes, Morocco

Barrages (Reservoirs) of Morocco

Barrages (Reservoirs) of Morocco

Introduction to the Gallery: Barrages (Reservoirs) of Morocco

According to the French language Wikipedia article for “Barrages du Maroc” the government stated in 2011 that there were a total of 148 reservoirs. From my own travels (now being August 2016) that several others have been built or are being built to add to these 148. A Google search reveals that there seem to be many complex problems plaguing the reservoir system, including silting, algae build-up, drinking water concerns, etc. Two photos in this gallery also show flooding in the year 2010. Perhaps with Global warming clicking in, the opposite problem is gaining momentum.

Very complex issues! For the photographer these reservoirs usually create beautiful landscapes, visible even from the roadways bordering them.

So far this Gallery contains images of only 6 reservoirs but to be sure plenty more will be added!


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